Friday, February 4, 2011

Week Three

I didn't really stick to the schedule this week at all. It ended up being a totally crazy week with a lot of last minute things happening. Monday evening we had Upside Down Pizza. My friend Maria posted a few months ago that she was making this and I thought it looked good. It was a hit the first time I made it a few months back so I put it on for this week. I think hubby and the kids actually like this more than I do. It's good but it's by no means my favorite.

Because of the craziness of the week we ate the leftovers from Monday both Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a scheduled leftover day because I knew there would be plenty left. Wednesday I had planned to cook but I ended up having to have a CT Scan done at 4:30 that day in addition to several other things so we had leftovers again.

Thursday night I made Stuffed Shells. I buy the Rosetto Pasta shells because I'm not good enough to stuff my own shells. Maybe some day. I used a pound of ground beef and Prego Mini Meatball Sauce. I added some Tastefully Simple Dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto Mix and some Italian Seasoning to the sauce. I love Stuffed Shells and they are pretty easy. I've never used this type of Prego sauce before but it was definitely a winner in our house. Hubby loved it and the kids ate a lot too.

Friday we had leftover shells. I had a quiet day on Friday so I spent it hanging with the kids, baking Banana Nut Bread and organizing the menu, shopping list and coupons for the next 4 weeks. I'm hoping to hit the store this weekend to do the shopping because we also need snacks for the big game on Sunday.

I made Banana Nut Bread because we had a bunch of bananas that otherwise would have been in the garbage.

I've never made Banana Bread before so I just searched for a recipe on It was easy and turned out to be really yummy. It's certainly not good for my diet so one loaf will either go in the freezer or I'll save it for our company on Sunday. Here's the recipe I used for it.

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