Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 2: Old Standby Chili

I love chili! I actually made myself sick because I ate bowl of chili everyday from Tuesday-Saturday this week. I finally had to freeze the leftovers because they were too good to throw away but I needed to back away from the chili.

I don't make chili exactly the same way every time but I have to say this batch was the bomb. I used 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef, a large can of light red kidney beans and two small cans of spicy chili beans and two large cans of tomato sauce. I do not use chunky tomatoes because I have texture issues with them. (No wonder my son has sensory issues). I added some Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic, some Onion Onion and some Wahoo Chili to it.

Then the most delicious part is the cornbread. I make two packages of it. Cut back slightly on the liquid and add a can of creamed corn to it. I love it. Kind of like the corn cake at Don Pablo's. It's super yummy.

Usually the corn bread lasts less than 24 hours in this house but it lasted at least 4 days this time because I'm trying to lose some of the baby weight now that Ryan is almost 3 so I fought the temptation to eat it right out of the pan with a fork and had a small amount each day with a small bowl of chili for lunch.

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