Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leftover Night

On the fourth day we did leftovers. I think we all had leftover chili.

So I'm also working on how to organize things a little better. One of the things that they recommended for us to do for Ryan is a visual calendar. I thought maybe something like this might help me too. We went to Office Depot for some things and I saw this really neat calendar in with the post it notes. It looked like this:

They wanted $14.99 for this thing. I bought a package of small multi colored post it notes and went home and pulled out a sheet of 50 cent poster board from wal-mart and made a similar calendar. I love it. Ryan's stuff is on blue post its, mine is on pink, maura's is on green, fun stuff is on purple. It's worked out nicely for me.

I'm still working on Ryan's visual calendar but hope to have it done this week. I am taking pictures of the most common places we go and the people we see. I bought a thing of rings and some plastic id badge sleeves so it can be a flip chart each day for him. It can be taken with us where ever we go.

I'm really hoping we can be more organized and less scattered this year.

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